What to Expect in a Great Wedding: A Guide

To preface this, there is no definite standard as to what actually makes a good wedding- everyone’s preferences are not the same, after all.

While there are no actual standards, there are some things that can make your wedding from good to great in no time at all! Read on to find out what they are and consider the idea of applying these things to your own!

Interactive Elements

Your guests also contribute to upgrading your wedding from good to great. Because of this, it is your responsibility to make sure that they have a goof time! A good example of this would be having a dedicated area for activities that your guests can take part in!

Try to consider the idea of having a photo booth, some interactive games, or maybe even try giving your guests digital cameras so they can take pictures of the wedding from their point of view!

Cohesive Design

To make your wedding truly stand out, you have to make sure that the overall design (this already includes decorations, layout, and setup) of your event is cohesive and flows together very well.

One specific thing that we really recommend is having a flower wedding arch both at the wedding venue proper and at the reception! It makes the whole grand entrance thing really pop and looks amazing in pictures!

Thoughtful Seating Arrangements

It might seem like a small thing to consider your guests’ seating arrangement, but trust us, it matters a lot! You have to consider whether the guests’ personalities match the people they are seated with.

This is why a good rule of thumb when making seating arrangements is to group people who already know each other together. You should also take note that some of your guests have never seen each other before so you have to make sure that people are seated together have matching personalities or common interests.


We have to reiterate that there are no set things that make a great wedding, the things we have stated in this article are things that are commonly seen in great weddings!

At the end of the day, your wedding is the most important day of your life so what you want must always be followed. Always follow what your heart tells you and you will have the best day of your life!