What do you need to know about the 11 plus exam?

11 plus exam papers

Every parent wants their children to get the best education that will help them to develop a better career. So, they want their children to study in the best school. If your children going to complete their primary education, then it is time for you to know about the 11 plus exam. It is an entrance examination for entering grammar school, and even many independent schools select the students based on this examination.

If you want your children to enter grammar school, then you have to start the preparation at the early stage of your children. Because the competition is heavy and so your children need to get the best score to enter the school. You can use tools like 11 plus exam papers which help children to prepare for the examination.

The 11 plus exams structure gets differed based on GL or CEM boards. Bothe covers same subjects but there are key differences and so you need to know about it clearly before beginning the preparation. If you ask whether it is compulsory to take the test, but it iscompletely up to you. If you do not want your children to write the examination, then you can withdraw from it.

But taking this examination at an early stage makes your children focused and they learn to be competitive from a young age.

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What will be tested?

Depending on the countries, the content of the exam may vary. However, your children will be mainly tested on the following subjects:

English:English is one of the most common subjects that your child will be tested on. It checks the creative writing skills, and they are not multiple-choice questions.

Maths:Next, your child will be tested on Maths concepts that are very much important because many students may be weak in a particular subject. They need to solve various arithmetic and problem-solving concepts.

Verbal reasoning:This is quite interesting as your child has to solve problems with words and text. It mostly tests the use of vocabulary and grammar which is vital for their education.

Non-verbal reasoning:It is not usually related to the subjects. But the session is to check whether your child could think logically and critically. The questions are usually designed based on shapes and patterns.

If you want your child to get a high score in above all sessions, then you need to use 11 plus exam papers that ensure your children practice several question papers and get all the right information about the examination.