Top 3 Tamil Movies Are Hitting the Home Screens


There are many Tamil movies that have already hit the screen, but among them, three special Tamil movies are exceptional. Movies like Trigger, Diary and Ayngaran are the three top movies online that have hit the home screen.

If you are a lover of Tamil thrillers or action movies, you must watch all three movies mentioned above. In this specific guide, you will get to know the synopsis of each of the three movies that will make you decide if it is worth watching it.

Top Three Tamil Movies to Watch

The top three Tamil movies that you must watch are as follows:

  • Trigger

This is a cop movie that stars Atharvaa, and the director is Sam Anton. The movie revolves around Prabhakaran, played by Ataarvaa, who is a young cop who always looks to save people in trouble. The movie also features Tanya Ravichandran, Seetha, Arun Pandian and many more in important roles. The movie begins with a daring attack on the office of the police commissioner. Soon a child kidnapping racket is also uncovered in later parts of the movie.

  • Dairy

This is another thriller cop movie that stars Arulnithi, Pavithra Marimuthu, Sha Ra and Jaya Prakash in lead roles. The director of this movie is Innasi Pandiyan, and this movie basically revolves around an unsolved case and the lives of many individuals who come together on an accidental journey. This is one of the top movies online that you choose to watch on an ott site.

  • Ayngaran

This is another awesome action/drama Tamil movie that people would love to watch. The director of this movie is Ravi Arasu, and it stars G.V. Prakash Kumar, Mahima Nambiar, Kaali Venkat and many more. This film is about Mathi, a mechanical engineering graduate who looks to sell one of his inventions, but it gets rejected. Soon he meets his love interest, but some unexpected events occur on a poultry farm. Watch the movie on an ott channel to know what happens next.

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