Organic vs paid promotion: which one works better for increasing install followings?

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One way to do this is through promotion, but the question arises which one works better for increasing Insta followings organic or paid? Let’s dive in and explore both options. Organic promotion refers to any promotional activity that does not require paying for advertising on Instagram. It includes anything from posting regularly to engaging with your followers and using hashtags relevant to your niche.

Advantages of organic promotion

  • In contrast to paid promotion, organic promotion does not require a financial investment. It relies on time, effort, and creativity instead.
  • Organic promotion helps build a loyal following who genuinely appreciate your content.
  • By engaging with your followers through comments and likes, you will create a sense of community around your brand or profile.
  • The results of organic promotion might take longer than paid methods but they tend to last longer as well.

Paid promotion involves putting money behind promoting posts or creating ads on Instagram that appear in followers’ feeds or stories. If you have more information, check this link.

Advantages of Paid Promotion:

  • Paid promotions allow you to target specific demographics based on interests and behaviours rather than relying solely on hashtags.
  • Paid promotions to have the potential to produce quick results and growth in a short period.
  • By paying for advertising, reach a wider audience outside your immediate network.
  • Instagram provides detailed analytics that allows you to track the success of paid promotions.

So, which one is better for increasing Instagram followers?

The answer ultimately depends on your goals, budget, and priorities. If you’re looking for quick results and have the budget for it, then paid promotion might be more suitable for you. If you’re willing to invest time and effort into building an authentic following with long-lasting benefits, then organic promotion is the way to go. When combined with other social media strategies, both methods have their advantages, but they can also be complementary.

Increasing free Instagram followers is no easy feat but it’s not impossible to do. Organic promotion allows you to build an authentic following over time, whereas paid advertising offers faster growth rates at a cost. It’s important to remember that while having a large follower count is desirable; engagement rates are just as crucial in determining the success of your account or brand on Instagram. A combination of both organic and paid promotional activities targeted specifically towards your target audience will help increase both follower count and engagement rate at the same time, resulting in increased brand awareness on this popular social media platform.